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A Lake District TIPI WEDDING

Why we LOVE a Lake District tipi wedding

Top reasons for having your wedding in a tipi: 

1 : Beauty of the surrounding:  Lake District country side provides a gorgeous setting for your wedding, with a scenic landscape, beautiful mountains, lakes and hills which will enhance the atmosphere.

2: Tipis brings a unique , cozy and intimate atmosphere, which are perfect if you are looking for a personal and close-knit celebration.

3: A real connection with the nature : Having your wedding in the open country side offers the benefits of fresh air and a more relaxed ambiance.

4: You can customise it as you want! Starting from a blank canvas , with a tipi wedding you can bring all your ideas to life. This will give you the liberty of choosing a much bigger variety of styles such as bohemian, rustic, or something to reflect your personalities.

5: Campfire : Who doesn’t love campfire vibes? This bring people together, share stories and adds a touch of warmth to the evening.

6: Informal dress code : Being in the open space in the country, you can easily adopt a relaxed and chic dress code .

7: Photo opportunities: Your photographer will feel like in heaven , with such magical backdrops. Having your wedding in the country side will reflect in your wedding gallery by integrating the nature in a artistic way.


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