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Wedding veil. How to wear it.

Wedding veil. History, etiquette & More!

The wedding veil is one of the most symbolic piece from the bridal set of ornaments.

The history of wedding veil is dated back from many centuries . In the Roman culture it believed to be a way to frighten away the bad spirits, while in the ancient cultures of Persia and Mesopotamia the husband was required to cover his wife to be face with a veil , to declare that now she was his wife.




The symbolism of the wedding veil evolved , nowdays being a modern accessory which is meant to capture the style and the unique personality of each bride.

How should i wear the veil?

One of the traditional way to wear a veil it is over your face as you walk down the aisle. This will create a aura of mistery and a intimate atmotsfere for you, feminine and romantic, especially when the groom will pull it to see your face. 

Otherwise can be simply worn as a accessory, a addition for your gown.

One of the easiest way to do that is by tucking it under your hairstyle.

Does the wedding veil need to match the dress?

When it comes about fashion, a wedding dress is all about showing your personality , creativity and confidence.

The stylists will recommend a strong connection between the dress and the veil, from the material perspective and style. 

Break the rules and wear as you like! 


The lenght of the wedding veil ?

While there are no specific measurements and requirements when it comes to the lenght of the veil, but a longer one will ensure more creative and dramatic wedding pictures.  As photographers, we prefer a bigger veil to showcase our ideas  and creativity.

We are fortunate to operate in Lake District , a gorgeous setting for weddings. Sunny, windy or rainy, our veil pictures will look stunning !



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